Start walking comfortably with Valgorect

If used regularly Valgorect gel can:

  • help reduce pain and inflammation *
  • help soften bony growth *
  • help the renewal of joint tissue *
  • help reduce mineral deposits in joints *

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Symphytum officinale root extract

helps the regenerative processes and the locomotor system (joints and muscles) *

Cynodon dactylon extract

helps relieve inflammation in joints and cartilaginous tissues of foot, prevents callusing, and softens bony growths *

Taraxacum officinale root extract

helps relieve inflammation and pain caused by the joint deformities *

Filipendula formosa extract

helps improve circulation in the bunion zone, removes excess salts, stops joint deformation, stimulates tissue healing *

Salix alba bark extract

helps the renewal of joint tissue and muscle strength *

Alkanna tinctoria root extract

helps accelerate callous formation (bone repair) and has a healing effect *

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